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Behind the Curtain: More apocalypse please pt. 2

Craig Withers

This was the point where things got interesting for me. One lasting memory of the event I have is a one-line message I saw in the Trade channel while in Ironforge. It read simply, "Stay out of Stormwind, it's infected." I did the only thing a sane person would do in that situation and hopped on the first Gryphon to Stormwind. It was like a dream come true. Zombies were thronging the streets, attacking anyone they could get their hands on, vomiting on those they couldn't, and blowing themselves up when all else failed. Nowhere was safe. I could barely see the floor of the Auction House for all the skeletons there; the Bank was similarly decorated and my FPS dropped sharply from the shimmery green glow the infection gave off.

I was ecstatic. This was all I could have hoped for; a near-total break down of day to day life; chaos in the streets; the infected fleeing their homes, hoping for a cure elsewhere and only succeeding in spreading the plague further. I picked up the infection easily enough and spent an hour or two doing my part for the Lich King.

Maybe, as Mike suggests on WoW Insider, the escalating infection rate and vectors of the Plague were designed by Blizzard to take advantage of emergent gameplay in World of Warcraft – certainly some people were encouraging others to get infected and spread the joy to others. I saw more than one player claim in the Trade channel to have infected one or another faction leader.

"One lasting memory of the event I have read simply, "Stay out of Stormwind, it's infected.""

The Invasion event has calmed down somewhat now. Lore-wise, a cure for the infection has been found, halting the flow of Undead for now and returning the economy to normal. The event isn't finished yet though, and I wonder if things are going to get worse again?

Some of the spoilers leaked recently hint at big things to come in the next few days. I certainly hope so, because I would have been interested to see just how bad things would have become, had the infection spread for a just another day or two. I've managed to avoid said spoilers thus far, so forgive me if I'm off the mark.

I realise that what I'm suggesting is probably going to be quite unpopular. People log into WoW for fun, and exactly how much fun can be had when your usual tasks are impossible? Can you still enjoy WoW when your home city is crawling with the Undead, or you can't keep up with your Auction House trading because all the Auctioneers are dead? I know I could, and indeed can, but I feel pretty sure others will feel differently – hit the comments and let us know.

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