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The 15 most beautiful Hunter pets

David Bowers

We hunters love our animal companions, especially Beast Mastery hunters -- many of us view the synergy between beast and master as the biggest reason for choosing this class, and we identify as much with the animal as with the humanoid. Big Red Kitty, arguably the most famous hunter in the world, is a case in point: so much of who he is would be much less clear if he had chosen the name "Short Red Dwarf." The image of dwarf and cat (Hobbes) together is an essential part of his hunter persona.

So it's no surprise that so many hunters are willing to go to such great lengths to get the pet that looks just right. Many hunters are willing to spend hours just waiting and waiting in order to find that one special most beautiful pet, and why not? After all, the look of our character will change lots of times as we upgrade our gear, but our beautiful pet will stay more or less the same -- it's worthwhile to put a bit of extra effort into making it look nice.

But which pets look the best? Below, I present to you the award winners in the category of Most Beautiful Pets! Check out the gallery below for a look at each pet and a short description of where you can find it.

(But what's that you say? You don't care if your pet is pretty or not? You want something that will scare the pants off your enemy? Stay tuned -- winners in the Most Intimidating Pets category are coming up!)

Gallery: 15 most beautiful Hunter pets | 15 Photos

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