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WildTangent to digitally distribute Kalypso titles

We know that you've probably been racked by worry since it was revealed last week that WildTangent, developer of the pseudo-successful Fate (and alleged spyware distributor), would be closing its internal studios -- however, the company hasn't quite kicked the bucket. Its digital distribution platform, Orb (which former CEO Alex. St. John assured us would eventually replace the modern gaming console) is still in operation -- moreover, its catalog was recently bolstered as a result of a deal between WildTangent and UK developer Kalypso Media.

Kalypso, best known for its strategy title Sins of a Solar Empire, has given WildTangent the right to digitally distribute their entire back catalog, as well as the right to distribute all future titles they develop. Sure, it's not a giant step towards St. John's promised revolution, but it may be enough to keep the Grim Reaper from darkening WildTangent's doorstep for a while.

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