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All Points Bulletin newsletter updates fans on game features

James Egan

Judging from the response we've seen from some our readers in the past, All Points Bulletin from Realtime Worlds is a hotly-anticipated MMO. And why wouldn't it be? APB may very well be a refreshing change from the tried-and-true marriage of fantasy and massively multiplayer games, and is one of the first urban crime MMOs we can see on the horizon.

The most recent All Points Bulletin newsletter addresses some of the input from APB's growing fan community on the types of weapons available, mini-games, and leisure activities they feel should be in the game. Realtime Worlds confirms that a few of the player-suggested features will, in fact, be present in the title.

A new teaser site and forums are forthcoming, but Realtime Worlds is asking the fans to sit tight for a bit longer -- they're working on making this happen as soon as possible. Until then, community team member Chris 'Deum' Collins says, "With preparations now underway for the first stage of public testing for APB, things are ramping-up here and really starting to get exciting." These are the highlights of the update from Realtime Worlds on the status of APB, but you can check out the latest All Points Bulletin newsletter for more details.

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