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Around Azeroth: We've got a world that swings


Come one, come all, to the Hellfire Peninsula carnival! See the fel orc with three heads! The incredible druid squirrel form! No? It's not a carnival? Then what is it? According to CB, this is what he sees whenever he plays WoW. "Blizzard has an issue with some high end Nvidia cards and they will not fix it so this is what I have to view when I play world of warcraft," he writes. He adds that other people have had this problem, that it seems to occur with certain patches, and that the only solution seems to be to buy a new graphics card. Personally, I prefer this view to the normal dullness of HFP, but I can see how multicolored cities would get tiring if you're not on LSD. Can anyone better-versed in computers than I am give CB some advice on what to do here?

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