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LincVolt launches new website, more details about the conversion process emerge


Some new details have emerged about LincVolt, Neil Young's latest foray into green auto, and we're more than happy to pass 'em along to you. According to our friends at Autoblog, the LincVolt shares more than just a name with GM's Volt, using a CNG engine to power the electric drive system so that the wheels are driven by the batteries alone. The car currently gets 50 MPG, but the LincVolt team are aiming at 100 MPG and a system that will achieve "over-unity" (generating more energy than is put in). The company has also launched a new website which will provide live data from Shakey's very own vehicle (voltage, battery charge, speed, etc.) as well as the typical blogs and forums. If that isn't enough, we've even included a video Neil driving his car, just in case you've never seen anybody drive a car before. Check it out after the break.

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