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NuVo Technologies beefs up integration with Life|ware

Darren Murph

NuVo Technologies and Exceptional Innovation have apparently found it within their hearts to team up in order to provide better integration between wares; after all, there's at least a decent chance that anyone with a remarkable home automation system is using kit from both of these firms. Starting now, NuVo Grand Concerto multi-room audio Control Pads now can also control Life|ware home automation scenes, meaning that Control Pads can now dictate Life|ware-connected lighting, shades, climate, security, etc. What's it take to bring the couple together? A $399 NuVoNet Adapter (NV-NNA) and Life|ware's Visual Project configuration tool, both of which are available now. Full release is after the break.

NuVo Technologies ANNOUNCES TIGHT INTEGRATION WITH LIFE|WARE home automation systems

New NuVoNet Adapter enables NuVo Grand Concerto multi-room audio Control Pads to also act as Life|ware controllers.

Hebron, KY – November 6, 2008 – NuVo Technologies, an innovator in the engineering, manufacture and design of multi-room audio systems, today announced unprecedented integration with Life|ware™ home automation and entertainment software.

NuVo Grand Concerto multi-room audio Control Pads now can also control Life|ware home automation scenes. Through these NuVo Control Pads, users not only can enjoy NuVo's outstanding audio, but also can easily access Life|ware for control of lighting, shades, climate, security and more. In addition, users can now access PC music libraries designated as Media Player Hosts on a Life|ware network through Grand Concerto Control Pads.

This high level of NuVo-Life|ware integration is made possible through Life|ware's Visual Project configuration tool and NuVo's new NuVoNet Adapter (NV-NNA), a tiny device that opens up its products to extensive integration with third-party home automation systems. The NV-NNA, which begins shipping today, bridges the NuVoNet network with the Life|ware network in a home. It is available to custom installers for a list price of $399. NuVo Grand Concerto Control Pad support through NV-NNA is provided by Life|ware 2.0.4, the latest version of the software.

By using one Grand Concerto Control Pad in a given room to access both NuVo audio and Life|ware home automation functions, installers no longer need to specify multiple touch panels and controllers for each room. The result is both a tremendous value and a cleaner architectural solution for the consumer and the custom installer.

"Today, NuVo and Life|ware have come together to address the dreaded issue of 'wall acne' in custom installations," said David Rodarte, NuVo's president and chief operating officer. "Through our new NV-NNA, NuVo dealers now can provide a wide range of new services for their clients, most notably by fully merging control of multi-room audio with control of home automation and entertainment systems like the outstanding Life|ware system."

The announcement reinforces Life|ware's open-platform philosophy, which allows its dealers to work with best-of-breed partner systems such as NuVo's, as opposed to locking them in to single-vendor architectures.

"By taking existing hardware like the Grand Concerto Control Pad and extending its capabilities through integration tools like Visual Project and NV-NNA, Life|ware and NuVo are creating a cleaner, more intuitive homeowner experience," said Steve Cashman, chief strategy officer of Life|ware. "We couldn't be happier to partner with NuVo on this project. They are one of the industry leaders in multi-room audio control, marketing innovative products and backing them up with technology that delivers on that promise."

Life|ware compatibility via the NV-NNA with NuVo's Essentia E6G Control Pads is currently under development.

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