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O2 Xda Zest is first Xda on Pay&Go, on sale November 17th

Darren Murph

We couldn't deny that the ASUS-built O2 Xda Zest was a real, live, breathing mobile, but at long last the carrier has made the phone available for purchase. Hailed as the first O2 Xda to be offered on a Pay&Go prepaid plan (as well as a traditional postpaid plan), the Windows Mobile 6.1-based unit can be acquired on November 17th for £249.99 ($392) with the Pay&Go option or as low as free on certain Pay Monthly contracts. As a refresher, this one brings a 2.8-inch display, a free fortnight of the CoPilot Sat Nav software, a 3-megapixel camera, multimedia player, WiFi and HSDPA.

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