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Onkyo finally launches $599 DV-BD606P "pro" Blu-ray player

Darren Murph

Onkyo's had a long journey from HD DVD to Blu-ray, first giving an indication that it would produce a BD deck of its own this past February. This summer, we'd heard that the player would set buyers back a few bills, but that was back when players were all selling for a few bills. Now, the DV-BD606P has been introduced as a "professional" player, which essentially means that it's rack-mountable and needlessly expensive. It boasts all the usual suspects -- 1080p output, Dolby TrueHD / DTS-HD Master Audio decoding, DVD upconversion, Profile 1.1 support and an HDMI 1.3a port -- but we don't see anything in particular that justifies the $599 MSRP. Good luck marketing this one, Onkyo.

[Via EMediaLive]

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