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5. 'Nintendo treats its fans like crap.'

Kaes Delgrego

For the other four items on this list, I feel as though I've adequately managed to interpret the alternative point of view. Indeed, attempting to understand those with whom you disagree is an excellent method of maintaining inner-peace. But I've never quite understood this statement. It's also fairly unique in that it's not only assumed by other genres of fanboy, but some within Nintendo's own ranks occasionally cry fowl. One doesn't have to look too hard to find someone who is of the opinion that Nintendo mistreats its fans. Why, I've even heard this one coming from not too far a distance. And every single time that the phrase graces my monitor or enters my ears, I'm always left feeling somewhat baffled.

To the best of my knowledge, no one working for or with Nintendo has ever driven to a fan's house, rang the doorbell, waited for the door to open, and then punched the unsuspecting chump in the face before running off while laughing. Yes, there have been quite a few questionable statements by Nintendo big-wigs; the most recent offense worth note being the "geeks and otaku" fiasco. Such rude and ignorant statements certainly deserve to be analyzed and withdrawn. But to carry generalizations made by an at-the-time clueless individual and spread it over an entire company seems unnecessary. Yes, Nintendo chooses these individuals to represent them. But we've never been attracted to Nintendo because of its marketing or PR departments. Any reasonable appreciation of Nintendo has always come from its games and consoles.

To expect that Nintendo should cater to one's every desire is misled at best and some combination of scary and pathetic at worst. Sure, it's wonderful when a company hears feedback from its customers and responds accordingly. But such efforts are rarely an act of genuine good faith, and instead usually pertain to a larger motive. The loudest voice to which any company will listen is the sound of your dollar. It's slightly narrow-minded and perhaps a bit boorish, but if you aren't a fan of Nintendo ... then stop giving them money. Sounds pretty simple, right? And if you're not a fan of Nintendo but are still making such generalizations ... then there's probably a better way to be spending your time.

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