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Ask a Beta Tester: The past meets the future

Alex Ziebart

We only have one or two days of Ask a Beta Tester left, ladies and gentlemen. Very soon, it will be no more. Who will care about beta questions? We'll have the expansion in our hot little hands! Forget the beta, we'll have the real deal. We've actually had a lot of fun doing this for you guys though, and we're kind of sad to see it go. I like to think you guys have had fun with it, too. You know, beyond drooling over the Wrath screenshots and information.

With that in mind, I'd like to ask all of you a question: Would you like to see something similar to this continue past Wrath's launch? Obviously it wouldn't be about just Wrath's beta, it would be more about the game in general. Leveling, patches, content. Short questions that can be answered in a paragraph or two. I don't know what we'd call it. Ask a Guy Some Stuff has a ring to it, though.



I won't be getting the WOTLK expansion for a few days after the launch. What do you suggest I do until I can get the DVD?

Some of our readers had some pretty good suggestions. If you're looking for something specific to WoW, farming things for a potential future Death Knight might be good. Bigger bags, some twink gear for the 55-70 grind. You could complete a full 25 quests if you don't mind running around and turning them in after installing the expansion but before hitting Northrend for a quick XP rush. I imagine you'll have a ton of excitement building up over those few days though, so that may not be a great option.

Another thing you could do is farm up the items Death Knights will want for turn-in quests during leveling. At Light's Hope Chapel there are a whole ton of turn-in quests that were implemented in the original Naxxramas patch. You could round up things like Unidentified Plant Parts, Fertile Spores, and whatever else for when you hit Zangarmarsh. Or you could simply stalk the auction house and keep an eye on trends. The market in the early days of an expansion is pretty wild. The most unusual things spike very quickly in price. If you don't mind a gamble, watch the AH and see if you can make a good guess on what's on the rise to make some cash.

popeguilty asked...

If I want to get in there and start wading through some undead, which zone should I head to?

If you want specifically the undead, Borean Tundra may be up your alley. The Howling Fjord has a lot of Scourge activity, but it's focused on the Vrykul and how they tie into the whole thing. The Tundra thrusts you directly into conflict with the actual undead, the Scourge we know and love. On both factions some of your first quests in the Tundra have you fighting off nerubians and it just escalates from there.

Batium asked...

Can a warrior with Titans Grip dual-weld this fishing pole with another one for extra +fishing?

Nope. Titan's Grip doesn't actually let you dual wield any two-handed weapon. It specifies two-handed axes, maces and swords. It excludes things like staves, and I don't believe Fishing Poles have any classification at all. You can't use melee abilities with one equipped.

And I nearly typo'd maces as mages. Take that as you will.

Graham asked...

When I go to Northrend, will I feel like I am the only one who hasn't done everything already? How many people really get into the beta?

There are a ton of people that didn't get into the beta, though sometimes it might not feel that way. People who manage to get in tend to be really outspoken about it, but most of the people who don't get in sulk in the corner quietly. You'll run into some people that were in the beta that might make you feel silly for not knowing things, sure, but that won't be the norm. I'd say most of your groups will be filled with people that are stepping into Northrend for the first time, just like you are.

MikeH asked...

I was wondering... which starting area is better for skinning leather and such? I have played Beta and was trying to figure out where I want to take my Skinner for best effect.

That's a tough question, I'm trying to remember exactly what types of mobs I killed in which zone. My gut says the Borean Tundra will serve you better as a starting zone because I remember being in awe of the roaming herds of rhinos and mammoths, but thinking harder I'm not so sure. The Howling Fjord has roaming herds of shoveltusks and the wolves that hunt them. Further north the Fjord has a ton of rams, too. So I'm not entirely sure which one is better, but they both have a ton of animals you can slaughter and skin. The Howling Fjord does have one distinct advantage, though. It doesn't have DEHTA who will kill you on sight if you've killed an animal recently. That's a plus.
The Wrath of the Lich King beta has come to a close, but the WoW Insider crew is still here to sate your Wrath curiosity with Ask a Beta Tester! Leave your beta questions in the comments and we'll do our best to answer 'em!

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