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BlackBerry 9530 Storm pricing revealed on VZW staging server


Ah, now this is a bit more solid pricing information. Verizon's testman pre-launch site now lists the BlackBerry 9530 Storm for $219.99 under a 2 year contract. Not quite below the $199 threshold set by the iPhone 3G as predicted by some analysts. Then again, the fat lady isn't singing yet so maybe we'll see some kind of mail-in rebate before this gets officially official. Without contract, we're looking at $520 according to the staging server. Pretty close the prices we saw hinted at early last week. See that screen grab and another for the $290 one-year contract after the break.

Update: It's worth stressing that these prices could just be leftover placeholders. In fact, much of the describing text refers to the BlackBerry 8830 World Edition Smartphone which currently sells for a pre-rebated price of $219.99.

[Via Howard Forums, thanks Paul]

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