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Is it Thursday yet?


Here at WoW Insider we pay pretty close attention to what the blues say. They often come out with the latest information on what's happening behind the scenes at Blizzard. Blues, overall, have a lot of power over the game and the forums. Some can outright ban you, refund your items, or do whatever else their GM/Community Manager powers let them.

Yesterday however Zarhym revealed a new power.

The power of time control.

"Is it Thursday yet?" some forum poster asks.

"Yes!" replies Zarhym.

Taking back what he said he soon replies, "Update: I'm being told this is not correct. Sorry :(" The deflated moans of millions of nerds around the word can be heard. For a fleeting moment it appeared that Zarhym used his power of time control for good.

Nethaera eventually jumps in to put a freeze on overly ambitious Zarhym. Apologizing outright for the confusion, she insists that Thursday will be coming soon.

But then something amazing happens. Something so brilliant, so revolutionary, so game changing that it will shake the world! The blues figure out the secret to time travel!

Zarhym has the serendipitous moment of intellectual glory that connects this all together: all that is needed is a 1.21 gigawatt electrical bolt.

And where might that jolt of electricity come from? Why a lightning bolt of course!

You can check out the full conversation between Nethaera and Zarhym easily via MMO-Champion's blue tracker. In the end it looks like we'll all be waiting for Thursday to come just a little bit longer. Unless some Shaman can muster up some powerful chain lightning.

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