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    JVC's 47-inch LT-47X899 1080p LCD HDTV review roundup

    Darren Murph

    With the plethora of 40-some-odd-inch HDTVs with 120Hz dejudder technology, it's tough for a name like JVC to cut through the marketing campaigns of those other guys. That said, the 47-inch LT-47X899 is a solid, if not upper-level set that's easy to overlook, but a glance around the web proves that you probably shouldn't. For starters, the 120Hz tech built in here actually improves the image quality -- something that can't be said about all sets. Furthermore, it produced crisp, clear details, excellent screen uniformity and a decent array of ports... at least in most eyes. One particular review found the image quality subpar for the price (around $1,900 on the street), so we'd probably suggest having a look in-store before buying blind. There's plenty more reading material below if you're interested.

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