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Light for Life UC3.400 flashlight will last a really, really long time

Laura June

These are tough, dangerous times, so if you're in the market for a flashlight it's probably true that you want it to be rugged enough to get your money's worth, and to hold up under whatever world-ending abuses you and (and your torch) may encounter. Enter 5.11 Tactical's Light for Life UC3.400 -- a flashlight whose three LEDs take 90 seconds to charge and have 90 minutes of uptime. Even more interesting (especially to thrifty health nuts), the LEDs are apparently rated for "more than 50,000 charge cycles," which is... oh... 130 years, assuming you use it once every single day. Sure, the claim is pretty much unprovable and highly suspicious, but let's just say we know what we're getting our vampire friends for the holidays this year.

[Via UberReview]

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