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Oddworld elects ex-Brash CCO as new prez


Far from the dangers of Brash Entertainment, the battered publisher's former chief creative officer, Larry Shapiro, has found work serving Oddworld Inhabitants. As the studio's new president -- Sherry McKenna will remain CEO -- Shapiro has tasked himself with pushing Oddworld into "new frontiers," reports Variety. "We intend to break the model of where games are today in a unique and entertaining way," he told the site. What we think he means: Oddworld will be getting into episodic gaming a few "years" from now.

At the very least, the Citizen Siege project has finally be cleared from the queue ... and shoveled into a shallow grave. [Update: Actually, Citizen Siege is "still in development," McKenna tells; just not with Vanguard.] We'd just as soon settle for the old Oddworld games with a lil' spit-shine applied, thank you very much. As for his former post at Brash, Shapiro had this to say: "I wanted to make Brash the Miramax or HBO of video games, but sales marketing and finance wanted it to be Majesco." Oh, BURN!

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