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Sins of a Solar Empire expansion delayed [update]

Jason Dobson

The quest for universal superiority may have hit a bump in the galactic highway as Voodoo Extreme reports that Entrenchment, the forthcoming expansion to Sins of a Solar Empire, has been pushed back from its expected release next week. Instead, VE3D reports that the game will available exclusively as a digital download for Impulse users in January.

While disappointed, we can't say that we're all that surprised. After all, the construction of race-specific subspace inhibitors and defense platforms is no easy task, especially while trying to get a leg up on the hectic Vasari holiday shopping season. While we wait, a subspace transmission has been dispatched to Stardock representatives for an official word.

Update: Stardock's Brian Clair, aka Yarlen, has confirmed the delay on the game's official forum, writing that Entrenchment "will first be put through a public beta test for pre-order customers" in order to "finely hone" the expansion before it is released. He also notes that a final release date has not been set, and that it will "largely depend on beta feedback."

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