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Beyonc demands an Xbox before she'll fly


Celebrities are well-known for demanding all kinds of things. Sure, some things we understand, like a brandy glass filled with precisely 1,000 brown M&Ms. That makes sense. Some things don't make much sense. For example, pop star Beyoncé (Knowles) recently demanded a new private jet to be flown to the World Music Awards in Monaco. That was after she declined to fly in a private jet previously used by the likes of Elton John, Jennifer Lopez and Frank Sinatra. Thankfully, Beyoncé was smart enough to make one sensible request: she needed an Xbox on the plane as well. In fact, according to one source, "Staff were told to give her whatever she wanted - including an Xbox, PSP, Jacuzzi and a pizza."

Our only question: Does Beyoncé have her own blinged-out Memory Unit, or did some poor assistant have to recover her gamertag onto the new console? Scratch that, our only question is actually this: What's Beyoncé's gamertag?

[Via /gamer. Thanks Jonah F.]

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