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BlackBerry Curve 8900 hits FCC, destined for US airwaves early next year

Chris Ziegler

With the 8900 having just launched on T-Mobile Germany, it only stands to reason that T-Mobile's US subsidiary would be a logical next step; after all, it's already brought in the WiFi-equipped 8320, and the 8900 is the next progression in that bloodline. It also makes a ripe competitor for the Bold, which just saw the light of day on T-Mobile's much-larger rival -- and seeing how RIM has now mentioned that the 8900 will be coming stateside in the first quarter of 2009, we're feeling like a T-Mob launch is about as close to a sure thing as you can find these days. The only question is, why wait so long? When you consider that the darned thing just passed the FCC, we're not seeing a compelling reason to hold it until after the crucial holiday season unless they're looking to give the 8220 some breathing room -- and hey, sorry, 8220, but in a battle against the 8900, you're going to go down every time.

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