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DISH Network (finally) offers ViP211 DVR Upgrade option


Just because things aren't all roses for DISH Network lately doesn't mean there's no good news, the long awaited ability to turn ViP211/ViP211k model (no word yet when or if the ViP222 will get the same treatment) MPEG-4 receivers into DVRs by adding an external hard drive is finally coming. For the same one-time $39.99 activation fee that allows users to add space to ViP622 model DVRs, they can hook up 50GB - 750GB of HDD space via USB 2.0 and have a typical single tuner DVR experience, apparently without additional monthly service charges. While not exactly a game changing feature, it could be just what's needed to keep the DISH faithful hanging around a while longer when it's available by the end of the month.

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