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ESRB reveals new rating summaries, we await comedy gold


In what's sure to lead to some awkward moments in the future, the Entertainment Software Ratings Board has added new "rating summaries" to its site. By doing so, the ESRB is going down the BBFC's road of being overly descriptive in its content ratings and thus opening itself up to the inevitable, context-lacking descriptions of things like "implied child rape" and lesbian alien sex.

The ESRB's new summary reports only exist for games rated by the organization after July 1, 2008. Therefore, you'll get a summary for Far Cry 2, but not for Gears of War 2. Speaking of the FC2 summary -- it lists the bad words used in the game, with an asterisk replacing the vowel, and dialogue containing references to sexuality ("D*cks pay good money to watch girls sh*g chaps like you...").

We're totally going to make a game out of this. Try covering up the game titles and matching them with the content summary blurbs!

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