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Sam's Club Wii bundle almost worth the Black Friday fight [update]


[Update: the Black Friday Deals page now says the thing costs $425, and the price has been removed from the image. Thanks, Happy Steve, for pointing this out!]

Black Friday is almost upon us -- that shopping riot that takes place the day after Thanksgiving, and which retailers now encourage, despite all the trouble thousands of sleep-deprived, desperate, nervous shoppers can cause. If you have a Sam's Club membership, but no Wii, it may be worth your time to brave the crowds for this bundle, because it is very, very cheap.

For $224, you get a Wii, three remotes, three Nunchuks, and copies of Wii Sports (obviously), Mario Super Sluggers, and King of Clubs, the last of which was probably slipped in more to get rid of extra stock than to add value.

If you want to try for one of these things, we advise you to a) not get your hopes up, and b) arrive at Sam's well in advance of the 5AM opening hour.

[Thanks, Steve!]

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