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Sam's Clubs' Nintendo Wii Family Bundle packs three controller pairs and a Wii for $224 on Black Friday


Craving the gargantuan cement landscape of your local Sam's Club, mixed with the sweet prospect of scoring a Wii (and a barrel of free accessories) below MSRP? Get ready to fight for it. Come "Black Friday," that most manufactured of all shopping days, Sam's Club will be selling a $224 Wii "Family Bundle" that includes the console, three Wiimotes, three nunchuks, Wii Sports, Mario Super Sluggers and King of Clubs Mini Golf. The trouble is, naturally, these will be in "limited quantities," and at this price we're guessing they'll be pretty darn scarce -- more like a bit of bait to get you lined up at 3am and end up buying pretzels, jeans and refrigerators in bulk before going home dejected and self-loathing. This should be so much fun!

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