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Square Enix countdown teases Bahamut

Justin McElroy

"But Joystiq, are you sure 'Bahamut' is the name of the project?"

Well, no, little one, we're not. It's just a word that's in the URL of the site. But the Square Enix logo is there too, so we think it might be a game.

"Joystiq, do you know what it's counting down to?"

... Umm, well, no, we don't know, per se. We hope it's an announcement or something.

"So, Joystiq, is there anything you actually do know?"

Well, yes, in fact. We know that the picture's really cool.

"So, just to double check, Joystiq, you're taking up our time linking to a cool picture and a clock?"

... Hmm, yeah. It seems that way. Sorry, we won't let it happen again.

[Update: See? The game is "Blood of Bahamut."]

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