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This Wednesday: Something burrowed, something blue, something old, nothing new on XBLA


As expected, a trio of new, er, old games has joined the Arcade Hits lineup as part of this week's Xbox Live Arcade update: Worms (something burrowed), Feeding Frenzy (something blue) and Ultimate MK3 (something, well, old). Each game has been discounted to 400 ($5).

And, as you may have gathered from the headline (if you made it to the end), there are no new releases on XBLA this week, ending a 26-week release streak that began on May 7th (according to our stat boy's research*). Perhaps the hiatus is intended to build anticipation for ... something big?

(Our best guess: We're in store for "something giant," as in the Giant Avatar game, A Kingdom for Keflings -- NXE is just one week away!)

*If we got that wrong, blame the intern!

Update: CarpeD1em500 brings up a good point. If you pre-ordered Nuts & Bolts you may have received a download code for Banjo-Kazooie on XBLA, which is available to you now. The game should be released to the public on or around November 26th. And, oh! We almost forgot: The Street Fighter "table" is also available for Pinball FX today!

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