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Wisdom Audio ships its high-end Sage L150i in-wall speakers

Steven Kim

If you're a sucker for that oh-so-sweet treble offered up by planar magnetic specialist Wisdom Audio but your custom-install project has been held up awaiting the arrival of the company's L150i speakers, it's time to call the drywallers and painters, because they're now available. If you've haven't pulled the considerably heavy $15,000 (per speaker, in case it matters) trigger on the L150i, we're sure that if they're on your short-list, you can probably afford a trip to CES 2009 for the new model's official coming-out party. Each speaker consists of two 76-inch tall, 8-inch wide cabinets -- one for the dozen 6-inch drivers that handle the bass, the other for the ribbon that handles the rest of the spectrum. We remember the quaint days when people would want to show off this kind of speaker, not hide them in the walls, but we think owners will still find plenty to crow about.

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