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Apple LED Displays shipping soon

Cory Bohon

Last night, some eagle-eyed readers noticed that Apple has changed the shipping status for the LED Cinema Displays. Previously, the status said "Coming Soon," but as of last night it says "Ships in 7-10 Business Days." However, the option to buy is still not available on the Apple Store page.

I talked with an Apple Store representative and they told me that there is still no set release date, but when you are able to purchase the displays, there will be an initial 7-10 day wait for shipping. These new Cinema Displays are the first Apple has shipped with LED backlighting and glossy LCD screens. The displays are marketed towards new MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro buyers who want a desktop experience, but notebook portability. In fact, these laptop users are the only ones able to take advantage of the new DisplayPort-enabled Cinema Displays -- older DVI-equipped machines can't drive them until a DVI-DisplayPort adapter comes along.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!


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