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    Haier's 47-inch HL47K LCD HDTV gets reviewed, doesn't fare so well

    Darren Murph

    When you think of top-tier HDTV brands, there's a phenomenally good chance that "Haier" isn't in the top five ten. Thus, it ought to be no surprise to learn that the outfit's latest LCD HDTV didn't receive the highest marks in CNET's recent review. The budget-minded set had a fairly decent design and an equally delicious price (just $1,599 MSRP), and the three HDMI inputs (plus one PC input) were certainly adequate. However, the unit displayed "significant uniformity issues including uneven backlight and discoloration across the screen," and when coupled with the light blacks, less-than-accurate color temperature and the inability to change aspect ratio with HD sources, critics were left with no choice but to call the kettle black. Looks like it's back to choosing which Vizio you really like, huh?

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