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Mario & Luigi & A Japanese Release Date


February is the month of love and romantic obsessions, and next February is also the month that Mario & Luigi 3 will ship in Japan. Coincidence? WE THINK NOT. AlphaDream's quirky RPG will launch there on February 11th, complete with morbidly obese Toads and (what we guess will be) the usual irreverent dialog.

We're no clearer on a North American date, with "2009" still the closest official estimate we have, and that's barely an estimate but a statement of the bleeding obvious. So let's grasp a straw, shall we: previous Mario & Luigi titles came out in the States first, so maybe there's a sliiiiiiight chance that the same will happen in this case, and Nintendo will suddenly spring a January release on us? Sigh, a blogger can dream, right?


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