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Amazon goes looney: James Bond Blu-ray Collection six-pack for $64.95

Darren Murph

We know that some of the James Bond classics on Blu-ray have had issues playing back on certain BD players (Samsung BD-P1500 and LG BH200, we're looking at you), but at this price, we're almost willing to take the risk. Amazon's Gold Box Deal of the Day (read: this won't exist tomorrow) offers up all six of the 007 hits that were recently released on Blu-ray for a whopping 64% off of MSRP, or $64.95. We're too embarrassed to share our Calculus III grade here, but we're pretty sure that makes each film right around $10.82 given that shipping is free. We know money's tight, but seriously, how could you possibly resist whipping out the plastic for this? Who's in?

[Via HighDefDigest]

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