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Atlus announces world-changing RPG My World, My Way


Atlus has officially revealed the RPG, My World, My Way, that was previously spotted on the ESRB database. As suspected, it's a localized version of Global A's Sekai wa Atashi de Mawatteru (The World Revolves Around Me), and it sounds totally hilarious and great.

My World stars Elise, a princess who tries to impress a handsome adventurer by going out on her own adventure. Her greatest asset is her own selfishness: she can use "Pout Points" (seriously) to alter the environment, add and remove monsters, and change other aspects of the game to her advantage. She also has a slime pal who can mimic monster abilities!

This game looked interesting before, and now the Atlus Effect is totally working on it. This is aided by an actual, measurable Atlus effect: we can already tell from the website and the announcement email that the localization is really clever. We will be following it closely as it approaches its February release!

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