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Canadian Zune undercuts American price, hip checks into boards

Tim Stevens

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There was a time, not so many years ago, when smug Americans could scoff at the currency of our neighbors to the north, saying "That's what, fifty cents?" at any Canadian price whilst laughing heartily. Naturally we American's aren't quite so giddy these days, and while the US dollar is regaining some traction versus its northern neighbor that doesn't explain this Canuck second-gen 8GB Zune's price discrepancy. It's selling at Future Shop (which is like Best Buy, eh?) for just $99 CAD -- that's $82 US, and over $50 less than we can find it at any other reputable 'Merican retailer. It is a limited time offer, however, going back up to $149.99 CAD in just six days. So, you'd better hurry up and take off to the great white north -- Future Shop doesn't ship international, don'cha know.

[Thanks, evil-m0nkey]

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