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Metareview - Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World


RPG fans, the first few reviews for Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World aren't too good. Sorry to be so blunt, but them's the breaks. We have yet to try the game, but what about those of you who've already picked it up and invested a few hours? Check out the reviews then provide your thoughts in the comments!
  • GameTrailers (79/100) says it needed a bit more TLC: "In some ways, it's a worthy successor to the original, but it's ultimately just another passable action RPG."
  • IGN (67/100) thinks this isn't the best benchmark for the genre on Wii: "Being the only RPG on the Wii's horizon, this doesn't feel like a relief -- it feels rather depressing."
  • Games Radar (60/100) tells us: "If you can look past the last-last-gen flaws that absolutely should be gone by now, there's a totally playable bit of gaming here that'll scratch your RPG itch for the time being. But if you're unsure as to which new Tales game you should play, Vesperia or Dawn of the New World, go Vesperia."


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