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Rock Band DLC: Dead Kennedys and four other bands

Alan Tsang

Five bands and their ten songs are what's on the menu in this week's Rock Band DLC. Headlining them will be yet another band with a name that references presidents. The songs are as follows:

Dead Kennedys 3 Pack:
  • "California Uber Alles"
  • "Holiday In Cambodia"
  • "Police Truck"
Mission Of Burma 3 Pack:
  • "Mica"
  • "That's How I Escaped My Certain Fate"
  • "That's When I Reach For My Revolver"
Century Media Girls of Metal 3 Pack:
  • "Forever" -- In This Moment
  • "Closer" -- Lacuna Coil
  • "Swamped" -- Lacuna Coil
  • "Gone" -- Crooked X
Each of the track packs will be priced at $5.49 or each song can purchased individually for $1.99. Crooked X's Gone is the exception -- it will be priced at $0.99. All of them will be available on the PS Store beginning Thursday, November 20th.

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