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Rumor Roundup: LittleBigPlanet PSP in 2009 and more from December's EGM

Ross Miller

Another day, another hint at LittleBigPlanet coming to PSP. The latest rumor mongering comes from EGM (via NeoGAF), whose December issue suggests a PSP version will debut in 2009 -- supposedly, it'll be "fantastically ambitious and will further flesh out the PS3 LBP experience." What it won't have, it seems, is Media Molecule at the helm, as the developer is rumored to be working on an online RPG (in addition to a LBP sequel?). Previous mutterings pointed the finger at Sony's Studio Liverpool (WipEout Pulse) being the developer.

Other juicy gossip from the 'zine: Square Enix has quietly canceled Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers (gasp!), Capcom is bringing 1980s side-scrolling shooter Forgotten Worlds to Xbox Live and PlayStation Network (more gasps!) and Silicon Knight's unannounced Sega title is now looking for a new publisher. December's EGM should soon be on newsstands everywhere. Update: As noted in the comments section (thanks ... Fer-nan-do), Square Enix has released a statement denying the cancellation of Crystal Bearer. The publisher "has every intention of releasing it" but no date is currently known.

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