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Huawei prepping Android and Symbian handsets for 2009

Chris Ziegler

Huawei's a member of both Google's Open Handset Alliance and the Symbian Foundation, so it stands to reason that the Chinese manufacturer might have more than a passing interest in pumping out handsets powered by the platforms. Sure enough, the marketing directory of Huawei's handset division now says that it'll bust into the Android and Symbian markets next year, offering carrier-branded devices to go along with its Windows Mobile-powered fare. Despite its failure to attract outside investment, the company says that it'll be able to get its new smartphones out the door by lengthening the shelf life of its lower-end devices -- the devices it's classically known for -- which will lead to higher profit margins and, presumably, enough organic revenue to fund its own R&D.

[Via Unwired View]

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