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Onkyo Japan regains its senses, offers TX-SA706X receiver in basic black

Steven Kim

The summer heat will make you do crazy things, as we saw when Onkyo issued its TX-SA706X 7.1-channel receiver in champagne (a kinder word for "gold") in June. We know the Japanese market (and certain segments of the high end audiophile crowd) have had gold-toned gear since before the transistor, but just because something is tradition doesn't mean we have to go along with it. Cooler temperatures and heads have come around, and the Japanese market will get a black version of the receiver on November 21st, aptly named the TX-SA706X (B). We assume that one little "B" will make all the difference when it comes to matching your other components; unless, of course, you've fallen in for the whole spiel about something else becoming the "new black."

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