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Around Azeroth: Hey, I think I've got one

Alex Ziebart

There are only two constants when it comes to fishing. The first is that fishing is always more fun if you're drunk. The second is that if you want to catch bigger fish, you need bigger bait. Unfortunately, the first sort of blurs the limits on the second. I don't know what Kevin here is trying to catch, but I'm going to get the hell out of here so I don't need to find out.

You should probably get out of here as fast as possible too, and stop by your WoW screenshots folder! WoW Insider wants to see all of your unique and quirky snapshots of the World of Warcraft so we can show them to the world here on Around Azeroth. Within reason. No more sunsets, no more Battleground/Arena scoreboards, and no more scantily clad ladies. Well... maybe if they're extra scantily clad, but not that normal scantily clad. That's so 1990. Oh, and make sure your UI is turned off in your screenshots as well. If you think you have something good, send it off to and you may be seeing it here someday soon!

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