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Epic addresses Gears of War 2 matchmaking hiccups, still no fix

Dustin Burg

After hearing the community's complaints and general negative feedback regarding the long wait times experienced during Gears of War 2 matchmaking, Epic's Rod Fergusson addressed the issues over on the official Epic forums. Sadly, there is no hard fix in place.

Fergusson wants the Gears community to know that the long wait times experienced in matchmaking are limited in scale (riiiiiight) and that Epic is working with Microsoft to speed things up. While they figure out the mess, we're given a few tips to improve the matchmaking experience, including: restart the search, avoid 1 and 4 person parties, and (our favorite) skip the whole matchmaking mess and host custom games. With a frown on our face, we await a Gears of War 2 patch ...

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