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Microsoft exec touts HD streaming over discs, suggests Xbox 360 will outlast PS3

Darren Murph

Man, talk about talking tough. In a recent interview with Venture Beat, Microsoft executive Shane Kim pointed out that the impending New Xbox Experience would be the beginning of a "fascinating time as all of these different media evolve." Kim got rough when questioned about the value of a built-in Blu-ray player in Sony's PS3, stating that "Microsoft made the right decision by not including HD DVD or Blu-ray in its box and offering HD DVD as an accessory." Following up on that, he noted that "digital downloading of movies to the Xbox 360 over the online connection would likely prove more important than Blu-ray in the long run," and that it would continue producing the 360 "one day longer than the lifespan of the PlayStation 3." My, oh my.

[Via GameDaily]

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