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Preparing for the Mines of Moria

Shawn Schuster

As you sit in wait with nothing to do this evening while the Lord of the Rings Online servers go down at 4pm EST in preparation for Mines of Moria releasing tomorrow, you should have plenty of time to sit back and enjoy the complete release notes for this new expansion. Although we here at Massively have been pumping you full of info on Moria, it's handy to have the very latest and most complete patch notes in one place for full review. Plus, make sure not miss the Mines of Moria manual which is now downloadable, as well as the early updater to get a headstart before the servers go live.

If you need a quick overview of just what is included in this $30 USD expansion, check for our overview rundown just after the cut:

  • Two new classes
  • Level increase to 60
  • Combat system improvements
  • New Legendary Item Advancement system
  • New Trait Set system
  • Three new regions: Eregion, Moria and Lothlorien
  • Complete overhaul to the PvMP
  • Added Tier 6 to crafting as well as the introduction of crafting halls
  • Over 300 new Deeds and Accomplishments
  • Over 600 new quests
  • Raids and Instance updates, including all-new 3-man instances
  • Quest bags to store quest items and key rings to free up precious inventory space
  • All new never-before-seen mounts!
  • Outfit system now available for a level 20 character to unlock account-wide, instead of character-based
  • Plus much much more! Check out the complete release notes for full details

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