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WoW Insider speaks with Nymh, world first level 80

Alex Ziebart

Wrath of the Lich King has only been live for a little under a week, and already players are tearing through its many challenges. Blizzard once said that players have a voracious appetite for new content, as soon as something is released they need to start on something else. Wrath has really driven that point home.

The first of many firsts was Nymh, world first player to level 80. WoW Insider had an opportunity to talk to him directly about his journey to level 80, and just what inspired it. Read on to see what he (and we) had to say!

WoW Insider:
Hi, Nymh! Thank you for doing this, and congratulations again on being the world first level 80. First, why don't you tell us a little about yourself. I'm sure you've had to do this in all of your interviews already, but once more can't hurt!

Nymh: Hello! In short, I'm 21 and I'm actually working for the French Administration.

WoW Insider: Now, why you decide to do this? Was it your goal to be world first or just to level as quickly as possible?

Nymh: It was not really intended! The original goal was to find a way to level as fast as possible, because I knew it was not possible for me to stay awake for days without sleeping. I had a good template and a good spot to grind that I found on beta, and I calculated that it would take something like 28 hours to go to 80. Definitely, a world first was something I could reach, but it was not really expected.

WoW Insider: You've mentioned that you only really play WoW for the raid content, and don't particularly like questing or leveling up. What will you be doing until people start to catch up to you? Grinding reputation? Tradeskills? Just taking a few days off of the game?

Nymh: Well, my guildies leveled really fast too, we've actually already have cleared all the 10 players raids (except Malygos), and we will start 25 player raids tonight! So the wait was not terrible, but to answer your question, I spend a lot of time... answering questions!

WoW Insider: Obviously there are some people who have been rather negative about your world first, but we've seen a lot of people congratulating you on it, too. Would you say the overall reaction is more positive or more negative in general? How do you feel about the "get a life" comments?

Nymh: I think it is globally equal, maybe more positive than negative, but I do not really pay attention to comments... I've not done this to be recognized, I've done this for myself and my guild. So I really don't care about people saying I should get a life or stuff like that, because they really don't know me and saying things like that just because I was able to grind 27 hours is really stupid.

WoW Insider: Zach Yonzon, one of our Warlocks on staff, was curious about the spec that you used. Did you custom build your version of SL/SL to help your leveling grind along, or is it a spec you feel will be viable past that? Will you continue to use it? Do you think it would have performed well if you didn't have a healer on your side?

Nymh: The original idea of the spec was from Jynxx, Fusion guild, she made a post about a spec that has no downtime, can pull any number of mobs... I tested it and that really was the case, and I was asking myself, "What if I found a spot with unlimited numbers of monsters to pull..." I found Drakil'Jin ruins 2 hours after. Since then, the Drakil'jin Ruins have been hotfixed by Blizzard so the mobs do not give any XP.

I planned to grind as 21/41/0, but I changed my mind few hours before and decided to take Metamorphosis instead, because I had no use for Siphon Life thanks to my healer. I respecced at level 77 to take Grim Reach, Empowered Corruption and Shadow Mastery, it was way more useful than the Meta at that level.

This spec works wonders for farming/questing/grinding. I'm pretty sure it kicks ass in PvP too, as I was ganked by many Horde players on beta but I've never died with this spec. Without Pavelomm, I would be forced to use Siphon Life, sometimes AOE fear... I think I would have grinded the 10 levels in about 40 hours instead of 26.

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