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15 Minutes of Fame: More dings, less killing Part 2


Did you have any accidental kills along the way?
A few. Noor has a few kills from throwing Bombs (intended for their Stun/Freeze effect) in Battlegrounds, and when she tried to distract some Murlocs in Wetlands using her Battle Chicken so she could pick locks, her Engineering was so high that the Chicken was level 60 and wiped out about four of them (there's no off switch on the Chicken). She also accidentally clicked on a Scourge Cockroach when running around Stormwind during the zombie event, which turned her into a zombie. (As a zombie, Noor kills things and actually got the Gnoll drop item quest Gold Pickup Schedule near Hogger).

Noor also gets credit (and a little XP) for kills from Battlegrounds or when grouped for taking the Bone Waste Towers for the Spirits of Auchindoun daily. Noor will also actively fight Horde in that daily if she has either the Evil Twin or Soul Split: Evil! transporter accident debuffs. Finally got to use her Goblin Rocket Launcher ...

I also accidentally got my Unarmed skill to 2 (when I was on a naked Mining run; I always wield some non-weapon like a Fishing Rod or Blacksmith Hammer now) and my Dagger skill to 2 (by absent-mindedly Sapping an Orc to help a Night Elf get to Ironforge; I had just found out earlier that I can Sap Horde players in Battlegrounds without having my weapon skills go up, and I was so used to sapping Orcs that I totally forgot myself).

Any support from other characters or players?
Ving made my Green Whelp Armor and things like Lockpicking gloves, +Stealth boots and Herbalism gloves. He's the head of the Bare Necessities guild, and I might do some WSG premades with his guild eventually.

Wildbill made some of my Engineering items (you can often use Engineering items levels before you can make them) and made Flash Bombs for me, until the recipe finally turned up on the Auction House.

Wildbill also told me about a daily quest, Gaining the Advantage that I couldn't get. After Googling around, I figured it out. The quest code only offers it to level 70s who have Master Mining/Skinning/Herbalism, but not Grand Master, because it's pre-WotLK. So just on Monday, I dropped 450 Grand Master Mining -- to take up Mining! After grinding back up to 275 to get Master Mining, I could get the quest, but I'll have to grind a bit more until I can actually mine in Outland. I won't go to Grand Master until this quest is fixed; XP is more important than mining.

Pureblade and Lucyindasky are two players who often do the Spirits of Auchindoun daily with me.

Phobomancer is a Horde player who would /cheer at me when he saw me, so I figured he saw the first WoW Insider story on me. When we ran into each other in Shattrath during the zombie event, we ran around until we could both turn into zombies and finally have a conversation (vomiting to keep our health up). Hey Phobomancer, if you read this, /beckon me next time you see me.

Also helping was Ahimsah, a pacifist BE paladin.

How's your pacifist Priest, Reinisch, coming along these days?
Pretty well; he's level 34. He's got a few quests he can do now, though Horde always lag behind Alliance in non-combat quests. I'm working more on Noor right now, but I'll get back to him.

Both Reinisch and Noor have met other players who have tried leveling as a pacifist. Most drop out around level 10 or thereabouts, but Ahimsah, a pacifist Blood Elf paladin, has even passed Reinisch and is level 36! We've done a few instance quests together, and we're planning to do more.

We'll be able to leapfrog deep into an instance by running in, getting to a normally safe area, then have Ahimsah cast Divine Intervention on Reinisch, who will go out of combat. When the mobs reset, Reinisch can then resurrect Ahimsah. It's pretty amazing how long we can survive doing tag-team healing in dungeons, and we both have Gnomish Cloaking Devices that can be used to get out of combat.

Philosophically, was your focus on pacifism/not killing as strong at the end of the stretch to 70 as in the beginning, or did the focus shift more to alternate forms of leveling?
It was always more about alternate forms of leveling, just adding an arbitrary restriction and seeing how that changes the game for you. It's kind of like a personal Achievement goal.

Is Noor headed to 80 now? What's next?
Yes, Noor should be able to get about 90,000 XP per day doing dailies, which is more than a bar of XP a day at 70. New quests and some more dailies should keep her going, and I should be able to get the Salty title eventually (the biggest obstacles being the STV contest and the rare fish catch One That Didn't Get Away).

Any screenshots of the Big Ding?
No, hitting 70 was pretty dull. I bought a Dalaran portal from a very tired level 75 Mage on Day 2 of WotLK and did the quest to teleport to the ground and back, which left me a few thousand XP short of 70. So I explored up around the Goblin town K3 and hit 70 around there, just running around.

When I'm about to hit 80, I'll try to let people know and probably do it as a daily quest in Shattrath, unless there's some quest I can finish anywhere (like Gutrot's Level 70 Sen'jin Beach Party, where he used the staff to summon the image of Archmage Vargoth to complete a quest to ding). If there is one, I'd like to try and publicly ding 80 in the throne room of Lordaeron ...

Well, we hope it happens for you sooner rather than later. Good luck on your continuing journey!

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