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Brash stops paying devs, gets sued


Remember when we found out that Brash Entertainment had stopped paying developers -- you know, a week before the publisher completely folded? Yeah, well, two of those developers have finally come a-knockin'. 7 Studios and Zootfly have both sued Brash in efforts to win back some of the money they're owed. 7 Studios' bill stands at $468,000 for work on 9, an adaptation of an upcoming Tim Burton flick, and $113,000 for Six Flags Fun Park, which 7 Studios CEO Lewis Peterson calls "the best game Brash had produced." Additionally, Zootfly claims it's owed a whopping $748,000 for a Prison Break game.

Meanwhile, in other Brash news, former president Nicholas Longano has popped up as the new co-founder of Music Mogul, a pending virtual world for aspiring musicians. Good to see inane execs are still getting work these days!

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