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HDMI spec could see update to better handle stereoscopic 3D

Darren Murph

Like it or not, 3D is making a beeline for your home. It may be subtle, but companies are toiling behind the scenes to make sure the third-dimension becomes a reliable revenue stream in the future. Speaking of those companies, a number of HDMI proponents are currently estimating that the HDMI specification will eventually be updated to make it ready to handle the most robust stereoscopic material Hollywood can offer. As it stands, the current HDMI 1.3 spec should be able to handle first-gen material, but eventually, backers want it to support 120Hz rates for HD and multiple 3D views. 'Course, that change is "a long, long way off" according to Steve Venuti, president of HDMI LLC, but a CEA working group has already been established to "update the standard that defines an uncompressed video interface referenced in turn by the HDMI standard." We've got an eerie feeling we'll be sporting 3D goggles for an uncomfortably large swath of time at CES 2009.

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