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LED Cinema Displays now available

Robert Palmer

Apple's LED Cinema Displays, announced at a special event in October, are finally available on the Apple Store online, and at Apple retail locations, which should make Cory happy.

The LED Cinema Display, which is more suitable as a laptop docking station more than another monitor for your desktop Mac, sells for $899. Shipping is free from the Apple Store online.

I went to the San Diego-area UTC Apple Store on Sunday, and saw a display model. The color was sharp, and looked identical to the display on my 24-inch iMac. Compared to the MacBook Pro next to it, the pixel density is looser (making objects of the same pixel size seem larger on the Cinema Display than on the laptop), typical for Apple's desktop displays. Unlike the iMac, the stand for the display had a tapered foot that was thinner at the front than in the back: Something I hadn't noticed before.

Additionally, adapters that connect the new Mini DisplayPort to DVI and VGA are also available, and will ship within 24 hours.

An update from the commenters: The Mini DisplayPort adapters are for MacBook Air, and won't help connecting a Mac Pro (for example) to this new display. Sorry, my mistake. Also, not all retail stores have the displays, so you might want to give them a call first before heading over there.

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