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Metacritic roundup: Left 4 Dead

Dustin Burg

Left 4 Dead, Valve's intense cooperative zombie experience, just made its way to retailers and has been put in front of the review jury. So, how has it fared? Not too bad, seeing that its average metacritic score is hovering around 89 as reviewers gush over the game's cooperative brain splattering fun. Check out what the industry has to say about Left 4 Dead:
  • OXM (95/100): "It's the same thing over and over - but when simple ingredients are perfectly prepared, what could be a mere snack becomes a feast. This one just happens to be on human flesh."
  • Team Xbox (91/100) "It's so immersive and satisfying to sling lead at an infinite number of creepy, crawly zombies!"
  • Edge Magazine (90/100): "Valve has taken something unscripted and dynamic, and seeded it with the right amount of narrative flavour, pacing and spectacle."
  • GameSpy (90/100): "Out of all the titles that have shaped the Year of Living Cooperatively, this may be the best experience of them all."
  • IGN (90/100): "There's absolutely no doubt that Left 4 Dead is one of the most social and exciting multiplayer games that we've ever played."

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