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SOE dispels rumors: The Agency isn't canceled


On November 18th, PS3 Fanboy HQ received a tip that the PS3/PC online spy game, The Agency, had been reportedly canceled. GameFly listed the project as dead, but we doubted such an ambitious game would be killed by SOE. We did some further investigating.

According to SOE's Katie Hanson, there's no reason to believe that The Agency is canceled. Why GameFly would list the project as canceled is beyond. Perhaps ... there's foul play involved?! (cue dramatic music)

Evidence is presented, after the break.

Update: Yet another official statement: "Sony Online Entertainment's game, The Agency™, is still in development for release on both the PLAYSTATION®3 and PC platforms. The game sku has been reinstated to GameFly's website. Feel free to add The Agency to your GameQ!"

Dear L.,

We have removed The Agency (canceled) for PlayStation 3 from your GameQ. There are two possible reasons for this removal:
(1) For released titles, we no longer carry the game and do not know if or when we will acquire new copies.
(2) For unreleased titles, the game has been canceled by its publisher.

We apologize for any disappointment this may cause. If you have any questions, please contact us.
- GameFly Support

Dear Katie,

Some retailers have been listing The Agency as a canceled project. I was wondering if you had any comment on the current situation of The Agency -- it's been a while! Is the project still alive and kickin'?
- Andrew

Wow. It's still alive! Where did you see that information? Thanks for the heads up BTW!
- Katie, SOE

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