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Sony: 80% of PS3 owners 'active' on PSN


Over at the PlayStation Blog, PS3 hardware marketing boss John Koller is celebrating the system's second birthday with a rundown of major accomplishments in its life to date. The one that immediately caught our eye: according to Sony, there are 14 million active PSN accounts, with roughly 17M PS3 consoles sold to date worldwide. That's about 80% of PS3 owners having PSN accounts.

Okay, now for the semantics of "active accounts." Koller provides no qualifications for what makes an "active" account, so the glass-half-empty folks could read this as meaning 80% of PS3 owners have created a PSN account, but many don't actively use that account. The optimistic lot will say 80% of all PS3 owners are online playing Resistance 2 right now. We're of the "the glass is at 50% of its total capacity" set, so we'll say it's somewhere in-between.

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