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Tuesday Morning Post: Singing the I'm not level 80 yet blues


Yeah, it's true. While some people have already pretty much beaten Wrath -- Yes, and I mean all of it -- Some of us haven't quite made it to 80 yet. But really, that's fine. There's a lot of awesome stuff to see in Northrend, and I don't mind stopping to smell the roses and whatnot. As it is, we HAVE to stop now, what with that 5 AM - 11 AM downtime this morning.

But I'm not too bummed about the break in leveling. If I wasn't waiting through downtime, I'd be waiting for the queue to clear up, right? Besides, this is a perfect opportunity to sit back and absorb the information overload from the past week. Here's a selection of some of hottest news from the past week, including quite a few leveling, gearing, and profession guides to give you a head start in Northrend once the servers come back up.

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